315 Threadz

clouthing315 Threadz (The Service Formerly Known as “Clothing Closet”) is a large walk-through closet that is continually stocked with donated clothing. During five Breaking Bread meals each week, we employ an appointment system to invite about forty of our guests to go through the closet and select up to three items of clothing. The inventory is constantly updated and replenished by volunteers, who also help with sorting the clothes and storing the ones that are out of season.

BSM’s vision of radical hospitality where everyone who comes through our doors is treated with respect and dignity and is a valued member of our community is emphasized in 315 Threadz. We only offer our guests gently used, clean clothing; clothing that is appropriate for each guest’s unique situation.

When: 315 Threadz offers clothing during services by appointment.

Where: The Clothing Closet is located on the 2nd floor just before the entrance into the Sunday School Room.

If you are interested in donating, please contact us by emailing  donate@broadstreetministry.org

Because of our limited space and resources we have listed some guidelines that will help us get your donations to our guests in the most efficient manner.:

1. Donations are accepted by appointment only.
2. Clothes should be clean and gently used. We cannot accept clothing that is stained, ripped, missing buttons or zippers or in the case of shoes have holes or very worn soles.
3. We cannot accept children’s clothing.
4. If you are able, it is very helpful if the clothing is sorted. We sort our clothing first by gender, then by type, then by size. For example if you were to sort your donation put men’s pants in one bag, women’s pants in one bag, and men’s shirts in a third bag. Please label each bag.

Download the 315 Threadz Flyer