Social Services

bsm_lunch_20120924_1097019514BSM’s commitment to radical hospitality means that hundreds of vulnerable adults eagerly come through our doors each week. And while many of these folks are lacking vital resources and are living outdoors, by no means are these the only “vulnerable” people we receive. At BSM, we believe that the very act of radical hospitality is, in itself, healing. By inviting anyone and everyone into our space, we have the opportunity to connect with them as the unique individuals that they truly are. Our staff, our guests and, our volunteers alike know this hospitality we offer as “Breaking Bread”.

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Social Service Offerings

In addition to enjoying delicious food, our guests can access a variety of social services delivered by our team and our partner organizations during Breaking Bread meals.

BSM’s services include:

Services provided by our partners include:

Concierge/Case Management:  Our three concierges Michael, Leah, and Geremi are available Monday through Friday during meal and mail hours. They assist guests in navigating complex systems and services to achieve their goals, including obtaining benefits, identification, medical care, behavioral health care, and housing.

General Medical Services: Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (PHMC) currently provides a nurse two to three times each week to assist our guests with medications, basic medical issues, and referrals.

Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services:  PHMC stations a psychiatric nurse once or twice a week to provide psychiatric counseling and evaluations that enable guests to access stabilizing services.

Benefits Counseling: Benefits Associates from Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) assist guests who apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), and Medicaid. Associates also assist veterans to ensure that they continue to have stable housing.

Health Navigators from Health Federation of Philadelphia also assist guests with Medicaid enrollment.

HIV/AIDS Testing and Referrals: In the fall of 2014 Philly Fight began conducting testing and referral assistance on site twice a month.

Legal Services:  Every quarter the Homeless Advocacy Project and its partner law firm of Drinker Biddle & Reath meet with guests to determine if they can assist them with a variety of legal issues. If they are able to be of assistance, all services are on a pro bono basis.

Penn Dental: Students from Penn Dental School provide one-on-one education on proper tooth care as well as essential hygiene products at Breaking Bread one Saturday per month.

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