Our Impact



62,500 meals were served in 2015. That’s over 1,200 meals per week. All meals are served as they always are served – one plate and one guest at a time. We expect to serve more than 80,000 meals in 2016.




Over 104,000 pieces of mail were delivered to our address in 2015, and we currently have 3,000 mail participants. The numbers may be breathtaking, but the mail service team  accomplishes this week after week with a smile and friendly greeting to each of our guests.




12,500 personal care bags were distributed in 2015 to our  guests. By year’s end 7,687 pairs of underwear were distributed along with more than 5,269 pairs of socks. From toothbrush to razor blades the total number of items distributed by our personal care team came to 48,654.



1,300 garments were mended in 2015 by 14- 16 volunteer menders come in groups of three from partner churches. They come to BSM’s Thursday Breaking Bread faithfully for 50 weeks a year, and mend as many as 16 to 18 garments each week.

7,200 people visited our Clothing Closet in 2015. Here, guests were able to find what they needed, whether it be clothes for a job interview, or something to keep them warm throughout the winter.

1,500 people visited our Therapeutic Arts table in 2015. Their beautiful creations can often be seen on display throughout the building.




Stories from the Community

To read personal stories of individuals who have been impacted by the BSM Hospitality Collaboration click on the icons below.