In the News

Whether it is the two local dailies, The Inquirer and The Daily News, where we have been written about in news stories (herehere, and here), editorials (also here and here), and columns, or independent papers, like City Paper, that have highlighted our weekly indoor dining experience, Breaking Bread, we have definitely been “in the news”. Our work feeding hungry and homeless people was even showcased on Radio Times, a local NPR news program, where Bill Golderer was interviewed along with Mayor Nutter, and Adam Bruckner, a homeless advocate who has worked on the Parkway for many years. This radio program has the potential to reach more than 400,000 people in the region, and many more than that with its on-line programming. Broad Street Ministry has graciously been given a voice in the political and social arena. Broad Street Ministry intends to use that voice to speak against injustice and to alleviate the suffering of our hungry and homeless neighbors.