Community Meals

Our approach to building community has several facets, but at its core it is still about serving nutritious meals to vulnerable people, while continually engaging with our guests to create opportunities for them to become more stable and more secure in terms of their basic needs for food and shelter.

bsm_lunch_20120924_2046477104BSM’s Breaking Bread meals are open to anyone who wishes to dine with us. We are especially focused on creating an inviting and safe atmosphere for men and women who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or of low-income.

Even though ensuring that our guests have at least one nutritious meal on the days that they join us is an important goal itself, we also see the meals as a way to develop and sustain our guests’ trust over time. This often leads to a greater willingness on their part to access the various stabilizing social services that complement most of the meals.

Learn more about our Social Service offerings during meals. 

Lunch is served from 12:00-1:00 pm Monday –  Friday.